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Security & Compliance

Safely automate your data workflows

Collect, store, share, and manage data on a single, secure platform.
32,000+ organizations have automated 500+ of interactions

Simplify your daily work

Automate tedious tasks with compliance workflows powered by digital forms, documents, and signatures.
Build flexible workflows

Safely collect data online, generate seamless documents, and capture electronic signatures.

Meet compliance standards

Formstack uses multiple security methods to protect your data, including measures that can help you comply with HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, and WCAG.

Respond to changes quickly

Easily adjust your workflows as regulations change over time without needing IT or technical knowledge.

Powerful compliance workflow automation

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Form Security
Rest easy knowing Formstack is dedicated to providing all users with the highest levels of form security.
Form Security
Access enhanced data security tools that protect and encrypt your data to ensure a safe and secure form experience.
Document Security
Get access to top document security features that can give you peace of mind.
Document Security
Have confidence in your document automation with critical security features like SSL, encryption, and firewall technology.
Digital Signature Security
Ensure safe electronic signing with the latest security features like SSL encryption, password protection, and more.
Digital Signature Security
Ensure safe electronic signing with the latest security features, including SSL encryption, password protection, and more.
Document Data Encryption
Manage documents safely with Formstack’s powerful document data encryption.
Document Data Encryption
All data and documents stored in our system are protected with powerful encryption.
Invisible reCAPTCHA
Add an additional layer of security to your forms and easily distinguish humans from bots.
Invisible reCAPTCHA
Thwart unwanted spam, help protect your customers, and provide a better form experience.
Password Protection
Add an additional layer of security to your documents by requiring signers to use a password.
Password Protection
Add an additional layer of security to your documents by requiring signers to use a password.

Teams are more productive with Formstack

17 hours/week

Formstack saves teams an average of 17 hours per week, giving them more time to focus on impactful work.


90% of customers say Formstack
helps them get their job done.

G2 Leader

G2 named Formstack a 2023 leader in Online Forms, Document Generation, and eSignature collection.

Here’s what our customers have to say

The fact that Formstack’s form builder is a native Salesforce application and works by drag-and-drop functionality with fields already existing within your Salesforce environment—that’s amazing. Great functionality.
Yajaira Fernandez
Salesforce Consultant and Business Analyst at Sikich Consulting
The strength of Formstack’s suite is that you can either use it very simply by using predefined templates and basic features, or go deeper in the features to adapt to your specific requirements. It's also very easy to use with other tools.
Laure François
Junior Marketing Consultant at Elixir Solutions
Formstack Documents is a great solution to be able to generate documents quickly and get information into Salesforce. It allows us to house our data in one system—get it in with Formstack Forms and get it back out with Formstack Documents.
Patrick DeRuvo
Salesforce Consultant at Enrite Solutions

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